Can NIS Help Me?

The most important question you will ask. NIS is different, it does not treat labelled complaints. Why? Well, a label is simply the name often given to a 'group of symptoms' that might commonly be found together for a particular diagnosis. The human body is capable of some 600,000 different symptoms. Imagine how many ways you can group all these different symptoms together?


NIS provides a SYSTEMATIC means of evaluating the UNDERLYING CAUSES that could lead to any number of complaints. This means the guesswork of the practitioner is removed, and there is no need to label anything.

While most approaches in one way or another usually treat symptoms, with NIS, by collectively evaluating the body systems functionally, specific causes to establish 'why' the issue developed in the first place for the individual can be addressed and so symptoms can be improved with better sustainability.


NIS is Specific to You

With NIS  everything is tailored to you and your needs meaning everyone's individual tolerances are accounted for making NIS a unique approach. It is very possible that two patients presenting with the same ‘complaint’ will have quite different causal factors and therefore different requirements.


If you've been in pain or suffering for a long time, tried many different approaches and are still struggling to overcome the issue, NIS could well be your answer. Speak to an NIS Provider to see whether they can help you.